The pros and cons of renting a house by the sea on holiday

The pros and cons of renting a house by the sea on holiday

Many people choose to go to the beach on holiday; while the others prefer to visit another city. What are the advantages of renting a house by the sea on holiday? Are there any bad things about staying near the seaside during the holidays? Read and explore the pros and cons of renting a seaside resort.

Cons of renting a holiday house by the sea

  • A house by the sea is far more expensive than a hotel in the mainland. It is pleasurable to stay at a seaside resort, with the cool, nice ocean breeze; however, you have to pay higher prices for the daily rent.
  • Corrosive salt effect is important to know about the corrosive salt effect on metal and other things. It can affect the metal part your car after long exposure to sea air. In fact, salt and dump causes rust to set quickly on metals and steel. Therefore, it is important to take precautions.
  • More risk of floods: In case of the extreme weather conditions, house by the sea may become flooded, or the roof may be blown away by the strong wind.

Pros of renting a seaside resort on holiday

  • Fascinating view: The breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset at the seaside is the best thing about renting a house by the sea. It is breathtaking to see the turquoise blue-green ocean and the bright sunbeam in the morning or the golden sun in the horizon at sunset.
  • Promotes fitness and good health: Walking along the beach early in the morning and breathing fresh air promotes good health. The saline sea water helps to clear the discharge in your respiratory system. Besides, you will feel more relaxed and peaceful, because the seaside is usually far from the traffic noise in the city center.
  • Promotes good mood: When you live by the sea, you feel more relaxed, because the sound of the ocean helps you to sleep well at night. The view of the blue horizon and the blue sea promote peace and good mood. Therefore, it prevents depression.
  • Good skin tone: Sea water is endowed with such important minerals as sodium, chloride, iodine, magnesium, and other. Skin problems, including dermatitis and psoriasis, can best be treated with sea water. In fact, sea water helps to make your skin glow, because it thoroughly removes all impurities from the skin. After soaking in the ocean, your skin becomes hydrated, and your blood flow improves.
  • Healthier diet: If you stay on the seashore on holiday, you can easily buy fresh seafood, especially if you stay in a fishing village. Some kinds of fish are rich in Omega-3, which is an important factor to good health.

Choose to stay by the seaside

Staying at a house on the seaside is fascinating especially on holiday. Despite its disadvantages, there are more pros of renting a seaside resort on your holidays. It promotes good mood and good health in spite of the higher rent.

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